2nd School ever approved Date 1947 California Real Estate Training
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Lumbleau Real Estate School

Since 1937 over 600,000 California exam-passing students

With each exam-passing course, our students are given a FREE complete sales training course by John Lumbleau.

Bureau of
Real Estate monthly
statistics prove
beyond any doubt

that passing rates
when the Lumbleau
pre-exam course
is used to prepare

Click here and I'll explain how
this statistic was achieved.

Let me answer the first question you have:


Why should you choose Lumbleau pre-license education above all others?


Because, as we will prove, there is no comparison.

Broker Passing:

Within one year of beginning to mail and teach broker exam applicants, the pass rate skyrocketed up 20 points and equaled the 44% agent pass rate.

Agent Passing:

Within 2 months of mailing and providing a free course to 40% of one month of agent exam applicants, the agent pass rate skyrocketed up 21 points, the highest pass rate since the Bureau of Real Estate began providing computer created exams in 1999.

Sales Agent exam-passing

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Broker exam-passing

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Continuing Education

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Mortgage Loan Officer Education - SAFE

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