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S1 - Salesperson Exam Passing Only (including 2,700-question 3-phase exam prep & 33 hours of video)
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S2 - Salesperson Three DRE College Equivalent Courses
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S3 - Salesperson Exam Passing Course Plus Three College Equivalent Courses
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View a 18 minute one-on-one video - Lesson #3

Take a 135-question test on the video - Lesson #3

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The Lumbleau Method - Saturation Exam Passing:

This is the secret of our success. Not only do we have the only organized by subject, totally explained, largest database of questions, we also have a $250,000 interactive Internet software method of first testing, and then teaching every question one at a time. Our internet software program allows you to set aside every question you can easily answer and "tag" questions to build a personal study base of only your difficult questions.

While taking the three mandatory courses over the required 7½ weeks, you take 14 motivational video exam-passing classroom sessions, each followed by an average of 200 debriefed questions. Then you take five equivalent state exams while waiting for your state date.

You take 2 video lectures per week for the first 6 weeks, then one per week during weeks 7 & 8. The final 2-3 weeks are filled with 5 equivalent 150-question state exams and our update of any new questions.

During each of the 14 two-hour video pre-license lectures using your "Excerpts" textbook to follow the teacher, you learn:

  1. Everything needed to pass your state exam while receiving Certificates of Completion" for three "College Equivalent" courses required by the Department of Real Estate.

  2. Immediately following each of the 14 video lectures you are tested on an average of 75 -100 questions in your Lumbleau Workbook.

  3. Following the workbook assignment you use our exclusive fourteen segment, 2,800 question internet interactive software to add additional questions while testing and retaining the information already understood.

  4. After the 14th lecture, while waiting for your state exam you then are examined using 150 question equivalent state exams while constantly improving your knowledge and retention until your exam date arrives.

  5. You receive the latest update debriefed questions (equivalent to a weekend crash course)

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