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The Lumbleau Method - Saturation Exam Passing:

This is the secret of our success. Not only do we have the only organized by subject, totally explained, largest database of questions, we also have a $250,000 interactive Internet software method of first testing, and then teaching every question one at a time. Our internet software program allows you to set aside every question you can easily answer and "tag" questions to build a personal study base of only your difficult questions.

Lumbleau has become the broker exam-passing specialist.

Not all schools are created equal. The Lumbleau school takes seven weeks to train a person to not only pass a state exam but to understand the material, be motivated and sales trained to successfully begin a career. We refused to lower our educational standards to a three week course ending with a weekend crash course.

Our broker and agent courses both use the same database of 2,800 totally explained, textbook-referenced state questions.

Brokers also get four equivalent 200-question broker exams and over 350 update questions.

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