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Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

Salesperson & Broker Exam Preparation Course

Since 1937, Lumbleau has specialized in exam preparation. We began our internet course in 2000 with over 5,100 debriefed questions with explanations. These ultimately became our current database of over 3,350 questions.

The questions are organized into 14 subjects. Each of the 14 lessons is accompanied with a motivational video. Available only online, the course can be taken at your convenience within the 1 year enrollment period. Each lesson is followed by an interactive test of 100 to over 400 questions. If you can answer a question easily you move on to the next question. If you answer a question incorrectly twice, the correct answer appears and a rationale explains the answer. You may "tag" the question for further review. At the end of that lesson you will retain only your difficult "tagged" questions.

After completing the 14 lessons you may review our latest updated 400+ questions and "tag" the difficult ones. You will then have a database of your own difficult questions for review.

Finally, while waiting for an exam date, you can test yourself with 5 practice exams that contain 150 questions each, just like the state exam. The broker exam preparation course has 4 practice tests of 200 questions each, just like the state exam. You may repeat them if desired. A demo test is available.

This method of study produces a virtual 100% passing rate for every serious student.

All material is supplied online but Lumbleau Real Estate School offers the following optional products:

Exam Passing Course ($149.00)

  1. 2,700-question 3-phase exam prep online
  2. 41 hours Streaming Video

Exam Passing Workbook ($59 + $5 shipping)

A printed version of our 14 lessons and hundreds of sample test questions.