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"I have never met a person I could not teach to become a successful agent."

- John Lumbleau


About the Lumbleau Real Estate School


John Lumbleau was a renowned motivational speaker and sales trainer. His ability to simplify the material you need to know was developed from over 40 years of sales training, motivational speaking, and developing real estate in-session classroom courses - exclusively for the profession of real estate in California. His expertise using videotape education to deliver the highest level of understanding is unsurpassed. Each of John Lumbleau's thirty-three hours of pre-license videotape education begins and ends by giving his students his personal research into the "Essentials of Personal Success".

California Real Estate Licensing

By following each of John's explanations of the subjects covered in state examinations, you have the immediate ability to see, use, repeat and apply all of the material you learned before you proceed to the next step on the way to your real estate license.

Real Estate School

Lumbleau Real Estate School was founded in 1938, making it one of the oldest and best recognized names in approved real estate schools in California real estate education. Over 600,000 students have passed through our courses. The Lumbleau Real Estate School now delivers online real estate classes to students in the comfort and convenience of their homes. Your computer has become your personal classroom where you will learn everything you need to know to pass the California state exam and obtain your California Real Estate License.


Management of the Lumbleau Real Estate School is accomplished with a team of dedicated real estate professionals. Our general manager, Derf Fredericks, is a 40 year veteran of real estate sales and education. Derf received his broker's license in 1978, is a past president of his local board of Realtors, former real estate brokerage owner, and a real estate instructor at El Camino College since 1990. Derf is available to answer our students' questions and provides valuable insight into the real estate industry.


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